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TSMC Doubles Down on Renewable Energy and Gets Congratulation Tweet from Apple’s VP of Environment

Lisa Jackson who is The VP of Environment, social and policy initiatives had congratulated TSMC the chip supplier though a tweet, the reason why she did was due to the fact that this year, the renewable energy that was used by the company was doubled. In a press release that was very brief, the numbers was posted by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

TSMC Doubles Down on Renewable Energy and Gets Congratulation Tweet from Apples VP of  Environment

In the PR, it was stated that In comparison to the 100 million kW that was purchased last year, the green power this year that will be purchased would be 2000 million kilowatt (kWh) hours. The company plans to support even further Taiwan’s low‐carbon measures which are environment friendly as well as the development of the renewable energy.

It was also stated by TSMC that the company is committed to green fabs, green buildings, green supply chain, green manufacturing and various other things. In China, there were various programs that were created by Apple that was designed especially for the suppliers. This was to help them to make a shift to energy sources that were clean. Another thing that was noted was the fact that the company had carbon‐neutral retail stores and offices which were located in China.

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