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Play Cool in Car with new CarPlay in iOS 10

When CarPlay was launched in late 2014, it was a great experience with obvious rooms for betterment. This year in fall, CarPlay will be launched in iOS 10. Undoubtedly, this version of CarPlay will be more developed than the previous one and will lead to easy handling within cars.

Play Cool in Car with new CarPlay in iOS 10

What’s CarPlay?

The trouble of handling an iPhone in a car is reduced through CarPlay. It lowers the number of apps which needs to be dealt with during driving and slashes the unnecessary ones. Calls,  Navigation alerts, messages etc. are managed properly. These apps along with certain entertainment ones like Podcasts and Music are found in the user interface on the car’s built‐in screen. Podcasts and Music leads to the safe control of audios while driving. Another app called the audiobook playback is supported by CarPlay in iBooks. The novel version of CarPlay lets one to remove and rearrange the apps of their choices and also possesses an improved Apple Music.

Remove and Rearrange

With iOS 10, the apps like Podcasts and Audiobooks (iBooks) can be removed from CarPlay’s home screen. Moreover, the installed apps do not need to be shown on CarPlay as well. One can now use Overcast in place of Podcast’s apps. In order to remove an app, one should go to Settings and then to General then CarPlay and then to Your Car where they can find the apps which they want to add or subtract.

Certain apps like Music, Phone, Messages, Maps, Car apps and Now Playing cannot be removed. However, these can be rearranged and hidden when wanted. For this, the same route needs to be followed and then the desired app should be pressed and dragged in order to be rearranged.

Music of Apple

Like the iPhone, CarPlay also gets an enhanced makeover in Apple Music. This provides better navigation and one can edit the library according to his/her taste to find the music of their choice. No doubt, the change is for good.

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