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OLED Bar Concept of the MacBook with Monster Track Pad and Multiple USB‐C Port

The news was broken two weeks back though a report by a KGI analyst pertaining to the upcoming Apple MacBook. It is said that later on in the year, the company has plans to replay the keys of the function row that is located on the top of the keyboard, with the OLED touch screen. The report seemed to be confirmed though a report that had been released which has the Mac Book’s leaked shell.

OLED Bar Concept of the MacBook with Monster Track Pad and Multiple USB‐C Port

There have been a lot of useful ideas that have come across from readers as to what they would like to see when it comes to the various possibilities surround Siri as well as about the app which can use the bar. In the report, it shows a huge touchpad along with 2 ports which are USB‐C supportive. The rumour revolving around the OLED bar of the MacBook has been one which had a lot of opinions and has also been controversial. The new touch screen hardware can be seen online where there are images which are said to be the best. It is just not the replacement of the function key row with the touch screen, however various other shortcuts is also a part of the change. The built in developers support towards the control feature of Spotify in one render as well as in another, the download progress bar is something that is really helpful.

There were two conflicting reports in regards to the launch of the latest MacBook, while on one side there was news that it would be this month, on the other hand another report claimed that it would be towards the year end. Sources have even confirmed that this year, the focus on hardware has been very light. This also clearly indicates that during the WWDC, there is a chance that the appearance of the Macbook Pro may just not happen.

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