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Apple Pay Service Launched on Switzerland on the Same Day as WWDC Keynote

Very soon the services of Apple Pay will be launching in the Seventh region, this was the information that had been given by which is a Swizz finance website. As per the reports it has noted that the mobile payment service of Apple will now be available for their customers in Switzerland. The date of when this service was launched was on the same day.

Apple Pay Service Launched on Switzerland on the Same Day as WWDC Keynote

June 13th marked the day when the keynote event of Apple’s had started and it was also the day when the service was launched in Switzerland. As per the promise that the company had made pertaining to the Apple Pay service, the expansion plans of the service is growing while hitting into various markets of Asia and Europe.This also shows that the service is slowly being adopted by a lot of users outside the US. Instead of using your credit or debit card in the physical format, the Apple Pay service allows you to make payments which are secured with the help of your Apple Watch or iPhone.

The Apple Pay service till date is available for their customers not just in United States, however also in Singapore, Mainland China, Australia, Canada as well as United Kingdom. Apple had recently also made promises about expanding the presence of the Apple Pay service rapidly across Asia and Europe, the recent updates states that now the company is working towards  getting Hong Kong also in their list. Ever since it’s launched in 2014, the service has been working towards providing users with various kinds of facilities. In countries such as Canada and Singapore, the Apple Pay has gone live already, there have been greater expansion seen not just in the number of countries that it has launched, however also in the list of banks, financial institutions as well as retail stores that have partnered up with the service.

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