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The Monoshot is a Smartphone Tripod which is Affordable, Lightweight and Versatile

Selfie sticks can either be loved or hated, however they are something that is going to stay. They get the job done easily and are convenient and lightweight. However, for those whose preference is more about versatility with a social stigma that is less from the camera accessories of their smartphone’s then there is something that is really new which can be used for various reasons including handling the selfies.

The Monoshot is a Smartphone Tripod which is Affordable, Lightweight and Versatile

That is called the Monoshot Priced at $59, The Monoshot is said to be modular tripod that is small and is designed for smaller cameras and smartphone’s. It comes in a matte black that is very attractive and is made from anodized aluminum which is aircraft graded and is said to be durable. It is said to be very light with a weight that is less than 19 ounces. A universal mount that is spring‐loaded is also attached. This can hold any smartphone which has a width of 5.7″, This can go ahead and also extend to almost 6 feet tall and when stored, it can collapse to just around 7″.

From the base, the main body can be unscrewed, this allows the legs to be used as amini stand that can be used independently for shooting a table top when tilting or panning is not needed. There are two positions where the 8″ legs can be locked. Just with a twist, it can be held firmly in place and up to 5″ it can be telescoped additionally. Even if you look that versatility and quality, for the price that you pay, you can say this is affordable. This can be used for any camera and is sturdy while using. This mini stand makes it ways to use any small camera whenever you want. It is a really impressive one and what is best is the fact that every detail has been paid attention to.

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