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New Concept Shows MacBook Pro Along with How the OLED Function Key Row

A report by KGI analyzed as per sources show that there leaked parts on the MacBook Pro which is said to be the next product of Apple. It is said that this would feature the capacitive touch panel that is OLED along with a replacement of the row of the function key. This has also resulted in a hotly online debate pertaining to the change. While there are opponents that lament the fact that touch typing may lack a tactile response, there are proponents that salivate about what the setup may offer in regards to the flexibility of the software.

New Concept Shows MacBook Pro Along with How the OLED Function Key Row

It is also believed that a significant change may be bought though the feature to the laptop line of Apple. This is something that has not been seen for some time now. A concept was also created by a person named Camaron which looks like a merger of the MacBook 12″ and MacBook Pro 15″. The image of the concept features a touch panel that is OLED that replaces the function keys. Along with that the hinge has been redesigned. The keys are larger along with butterfly switches as well as the arrow key layout has been changed.

It can be seen clearly that an OLED touch panel has replaced the normal function keys. An esc button has also been displayed on the touch panel; the buttons of f1‐f12 comes along with an alternate control as well as a power button. Based on the present scenario or current app the contextually will change through the buttons of the capacitive touch panel. For example, if you want to do some video editing, there are a few shortcuts that are commonly used which will be displayed on the OLET touch panel while you are using apps like Final Cut Pro X.

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