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Post Directly on Instagram from Other iOS apps and Photos with the New iOS Extension

On iOS without the app being launched, videos and photos can be shared directly to Instagram on iOS. An iOS extension has been included in the 8.2 version of Instagram which allows you to share videos and photos for other iOS apps and Photos directly on Instagram. The caption can also be written so that it can accompany the video or photo. However the full app would be needed to be launched in order to use other editing features and filters.

Post Directly on Instagram from Other iOS apps and Photos with the New iOS Extension

The share extension is enabled in the new version of Instagram by first getting the latest version updated after which launching the app such as Photos. The share button has to be tapped and to the far right you have to swipe and the option that has to be selected is ‘More’. You have to arrange where you would like to place after toggling Instagram on and then tap when you are done. Instagram will now be appear in the sheet where the photos to be shared will be supported. This not only works on the Photo’s app of Apple but also on the official app of Reddit as well as Google Photos.

In 2014, when the iOS had been introduced, it has been possible for third party app. ever since then; an official share extension for Instagram has been requested. Prior to iOS 10, the integration was offered by Apple with Vimeo, Flicker, Twitter, and Facebook However in the share sheet, other third party apps had not been built in. Another thing that could be considered on the Instagram featured list is the iPad app which is official. For iPhones, Instagram can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App store. The major update that was done lastly for Instagram also included an app that was all new along with user interface that was redesigned.

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