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AT&T to Work on iPhone 7 Promotions to Gain Lost Subscriber Numbers

For the postpaid subscribers of the AT&T mobile service, the company is looking for ways to protect the iPhone users. While there is a very thin margin on the sales of the handset, it is said that the launch of the iPhone 7 may not become the revenue driver for the mobile carrier.

AT&T to Work on iPhone 7 Promotions to Gain Lost Subscriber Numbers

However in the fourth quarter it is said for the post paid customers; it can be a positive spin. During the first quarter, around 363,000 postpaid subscribers have left the company, now AT&T is finding ways to alleviate the numbers of the declining net subscribers. Jeffery Kvaal who is a Nomura analyst said that apart from the Sunday Ticket and Directv, the company also has plans for the upcoming next generation of the iPhone promotions. This effort is being done so that the slice of the lower tier can be defended. He also forecasted that the upgrades of the AT&T iPhones will hit around 7‐8% in the 2016’s second quarter.

This is said to be an increase from the March ending numbers by 5%. The total percentage of post paid customers of AT&T that is on the Mobile Share Value Plan of the company is said to be around 72%. The predictions that have been made by Kvaal is that in comparison to the iPhone 6 2014 release, it is said that the iPhone 7 would fall short by 3%. The iPhone 6 managed to push the upgrade levels of AT&T above 10%. It is also believed that the second half push of the wireless carrier is said to be a net of 1.01 million additions in the postpaid front. The efforts are being put in by the company to make up for the lost ports against T‐Mobile. In the last quarter, AT&T managed to can one customer of T‐Mobile for every 2 that was lost.

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