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iPhone 8 of Apple is Said to be a Clone of Samsung’s Galaxy S7

It is said Apple’s first iPhones design was copied by Samsung for which there is a lot of hate but now in 2017, the tables have turned. Another report states that the latest iPhone 8 is said to be curved on both sides and has an OLED display, this is similar to the Galaxy S7 edge.

iPhone 8 of Apple is Said to be a Clone of Samsungs Galaxy S7

The upcoming iPhone is said to have a lot of the looks like the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6. Next year, a substantial refresh is something that is anticipated. KGI Securities Ming‐Chi Kuo who is an analyst who is said to be reliable. The predictions that have been made show that the upcoming design is said to be an all glass one which will be introduced by the company. Promises have been made in countless reports about the Apple smartphone is said to have an OLED display. Some also say that the curved design is said to be very similar to Samsung.

Kevin Wang, an analyst with IHS Technologies is also making the same claims after having a word with the supply chain of Appl. The reports that Wang has made shows that on the iPhone device’s left and right sides, glass will be wrapped around. As per the appearance, on either side there are no bezels. The latest post made by Wang on Weibo, which is a Chinese social network came one day after it was revealed by him about the storage options plans that Apple has. It is believed that the upcoming iPhone7 series, the storage option of 16GB is said to be ditched by the company. There are plans that the minimum storage is said to be 32GB. In the past also, there have been various things that have been said in regards to the iPhone 8 about the display being a curved one.

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