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DeepText of Facebook Scans All the Posts and Messages that is Uploaded

Details have been given by Facebook in regards to its Artificial Intelligence by the name of Deep Text. It is believed that the various thousands of posts are scanned every second. This is done so that it can be analyzed for sentiments as well as to understand the meaning of what is in it in more than 20 languages.

DeepText of Facebook Scans All the Posts and Messages that is Uploaded

In order to do this, disparate tools can be connected due to the ability that Deep Text has. This includes the various architectures of neural networks. This will also help to ensure that the goal is met, that is based on understanding the kind of content the user wants to see. For Facebook which is an ad funded behemoth, this is a core focus.

It will also learn by understanding the kind of content you would like to see with the help of suggested posts. It also helps to stop spam from passing through the filters into the feed of user. This is possible with the help of how the spam post looks and says. Apart from that, the system also has to understand what is being said in the phrases and words and what the actual meaning of things is.

Even slang words and phrases as well as shortened words are a part of the list. As per the team, it has still not reached that level however it seems to already be used on the messenger service of facebook. This is so that the meaning of the person’s messages is detected. Do not be surprised of an option suddenly pops up when you are typing about something. This service will also allow you to use the various other services and products that Facebook has to offer to the optimize limits. This is also includes if you want to use Facebook to sell something

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