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End to End Encryption Feature Option to Be Available Soon by Facebook for Messenger

The Facebook Messenger now has the option for End to End Encryption as Facebook now launches the option. This does not require any kind of switch in devices. A small percentage of it 900 Messenger service is being offered by the social network giant. The users now have the ability to have encrypted messages between people they want to. Facebook Messenger’s product manager Tony Leach said that in the coming months, this feature will be available for more users.

End to End Encryption Feature Option to Be Available Soon by Facebook for Messenger

Mr. Leach said that the company wants their users to use the messenger just the way they would like to for every conversation. In a few cases, it is said that these are really casual and fun with things like emojis are being sent to each other. However there are also cases where the conversations can be series due to which an extra layer of security would be needed. The end to end encryption service was also introduced by Facebook to its Whatsapp users in April.

The feature was turned on by default however in order to turn it off, the users would have to do it manually. Recently there was also a controversy on this particular decision. A principal technologist, Christopher Soghoian who is with the American Civil Liberties Union wrote that the Opt in feature for encrypted messages favors those users who want to learn about obscure security settings, they have the time to learn it. He ended the note saying that it was not cool about what Facebook plans to do. He also went on to say that in order this move may be done by the company so that the ire of federal officials can be avoided by facebook. There have been various concerns that have been expressed about the use of encryption.

He also said the encryption of Facebook Messenger would be a lot challenging in comparison to Whatsapp since it is used on smartphones as well as personal computers. He added that if the feature was a default one then the message would only be seen on the particular device that was used at the time of communication.

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