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List of Essential Gears that Can be Considered For Your iPad

It goes without saying that when it comes to the iPad Pro or the iPad, there are various accessories that are available which can help get the work done a lot easier. Accessories help to enhance the experience of your device while making work a lot easier and fun, not to forget, they also have the benefit if being used as and when needed. There are various kinds of Apple accessories that are available, but there just a few of them that are really essential.

List of Essential Gears that Can be Considered For Your iPad

If you are confused or for these who are planning to opt for an iPad Pro or iPad, here are a few accessories that can be considered so that you get the best out of iPad. While there are a few alternatives and third party accessories, but if you are planning to go for the real deal, then the ones mentioned below are some of the essential gears that can be helpful would include

The Smart Keyboard of Apple

There are various kinds of Bluetooth enabled or wireless keyboards that are available for the different sizes of the iPad Pro, however they do require to be changed as a lot of times they are bulky.

This is where the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro is something that could be considered. This is a keyboard which provides a two way communication between the iPad Pro and the keyboard. As of now, there are two options that are available for the iPad Pro 12.9″ which is the Smart Keyboard of Apple and the Logitech create. For the iPad Pro 9.7″, the smart connector is the only option that is available.


The iPad Pro has a single port that is why it goes without saying that the user would need to by a single adapter. Apple offers adapters which range from $29 which is lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, the $29 Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the $39 Lightening to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

Faster charging

 If you wish to cut down the time taken for the iPad Pro 12.9″ to be fully charged when you are using the 29W power adapter of apple along with the USB ‐C to lightning cable, then you can get it by paying $49 for the Adapter. For the cable you have the USB‐C 1 meter cable that is available at $25 while at $35 you get a 2 meter cable. The standard power adapter of 12W takes around 5 hours to charge the iPad Pro however if you use the adapter that is of 29 W, then the time cuts down to two and half hours.

Apple Pencil

Well not all people are convinced about the fact that one of the must have accessories is the Apple Pencil, however this is still something that can be considered especially if you want to experience a good sketching and digital writing benefit. This is perfect for those who have to take notes, sketch product designs or even to sign documents.

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