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Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s, Drop Test Reveals Which is More Durable

It is fun to watch the Drop Tests as they can really tell you the reliability of the device. Some of these tests that are conducted are done by hand and the measurement of the distant is done imprecisely as head height or waist high which can make it hard to ensure that both the phones are dropped with the exact same force.

The initial angles can end up being different when the phone is dropped from the hand and can also re‐release the phone’s one side to be a fraction of the other before the rotation of the device can be imparted. This is the reason why, more than it actually being a science, drop tests are entertaining. The latest competition of the drop test between the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s was said to be done in a proper manner as the use of professional equipments that are designed lets you release the phones from the exact same high and way.

This may be a little expensive, however the results that you would get on an average after a few hindered times would be really helpful. It was also stated that when this particular test was done, both the phones were dropped so many times that ultimately they were cosmetically destroyed. There is a video that can be seen which shows you all the various details and ways the test was conducted, you can see how the machine was used and the kind of settings as well as explains the different angles of how the test was conducted. The drop test was conducted from the back, the front, the side and the bottom and you could see what really happened to each device after drop test. It also shows you what kind of damage was incurred by each device. The results of the test showed that the iPhone 6s wa a lot more durable than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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