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Poll on the OLED Features of the Upcoming Line up of Apple’s MacBook Pro

A lot of people are waiting eagerly for the entire lineup of MacBook Pro which has been refreshed by Apple. IT is believed that this new line up is said to have a design that is thinner, internals which are faster and a lot of features including the support for Siri. It was also stated in a report recently that the wait for the new line‐up will not get over until the fourth quarter of this year.

Poll on the OLED Features of the Upcoming Line up of Apples MacBook Pro


Another detail that was added was pertaining to the OLED touch bar that would be seen as a replacement for the function key row and will be present above the keyboard. The possibilities seem to be very interesting as prior to this the MacBook Pro lineup never had this idea suggested. There are also changes that are significant which cokes like a learning curve that is very steep. There will also be an additional twist to the quick shortcuts that a lot of users are used to using while operating the OS X. The question arises is that in the long run, does the change have a potential that makes it easily accessible.

It does bow down to the fact that at the end will the OLED touch bar would or would not improve the navigation which would require relearning how the keyboard of the MacBook Pro has to be used. However, at this point the specific details pertaining to the integration plans of the company in regards to the OLED touch bar is yet to be known even though a lot of ideas which seem to be handy does come out. One such idea would be is shortcuts that are app specific. There were even various other ideas that had been outlined which are available online in regards to this front. As of now, all we can do us actually wait to see what is in store. Ref Link:

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