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iPhone 8 To Be the All Glass iPhone Model

There were rumours that had circulated earlier in the year about the fact that Apple had plans for their 2017 lineup to be a glass design, Now Allen Horng, the chief executive of Carter Technology said that just one model of the company’s 2017 lineup would adopt the glass design. Cater Technology is the key casing supplier for the iPhone.

iPhone 8 To Be the All Glass iPhone Model

The review by Nikkei Asian noted that it was told to the reporters by Hong that as far as what he knew, only one of the models of the iPhone that was going to come up next year was planning to adopt the glass casing. He also stated that the design for the glass would still have metal frames that would be featured around the edges which were very similar to what the iPhone 4 had. This in fact contradicts the reports that were out earlier which stated that the iPhone line for 2017 would feature the all glass design.

Horng also stated that the iPhone glass redesign should not have any kind of impact on the revenue of Carter Technology due to the metal frame since that requires a processing technology that is more complex. There are a few reports which have also made claims that there are plans of the company to ditch Carter Technology for the Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology of China which provides the glass screen covers for the company’s iPhone. There were no comments made by Horng pertaining to these reports. In March, it was reported by KGI that the entire iPhone line up of the company was said to be on a revamp mode with the AMOLED display and glass design in 2017.

It was also predicted that a curved glass body and display would be adopted by the company and that there were plans of the company to drop the albumin design. Well if what the recent reports claim, then it is safe to say that the upcoming design would not actually be an all glass one.

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