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Reasons Why The iPhone Asks For the Passcode More Often

One of the main things that probably bugs a lot of iPhone users would be unlocking their phone with the Touch ID and the passcode is asked more often than it is needed. Well the mystery that surrounds this has finally been solved. Apple had recently added a few bullet points to the Security guide of the iOS earlier in the month though this is something that has been there or a lot longer time.

Reasons Why The iPhone Asks For the Passcode More Often

The document’s previous versions stated that the various devices of the iOS platforms should ask the users of the Touch ID for the passcode in either out of 5 circumstances. A lot of users found that none of these were applied as the passcode was asked more frequently however the recent bullet point that was added which was the sixth explained everything.

There was a change that was spotted by MacWorld when an answer was being provided to one of the readers in regards to it. The bullet point that was added is mentioned below in bold Instead of the Touch ID, the passcode can be used however in the following situations it would still be needed. These would include

· When the user restarts or turns on the device

· If it has been more than 48 hours that the device has remained unlocked

· In the last 6 days, the unlocking of the device has not been done with the passcode and in the past 8 hours the device has not been unlocked by the TouchID. · A remote lock command has been received by the device.

· While matching the fingerprint, there have been 5 attempts that have been made which has not been successful · During the time the user is enrolling or setting up new fingers using the Touch ID.

So, it would be advisable to lock your iPad or iPhone before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning to open your device, do not be surprised if the passcode will be asked. This would also be applicable if your device has not been unlocked for the past 6 days.

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