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Apple Music App Launched For Apple TV

Earlier this month there were some updates reported for the Apple music on iOS 10 for the users? These visual enhancements of the tweaks were purposed to make the subscription of the Apple Music service much easier and the higher purpose was to increase the number of sales followed the revenue from the users. Some of the visual enhancements down by the company include more static user interface of black and white color. This has been placed against of today’s album art color‐matching user interface. The new functionality is also giving the users to find the lyrics on the same screen without going on some third party website.

Apple Music App Launched For Apple TV

Apple will be also renaming the browse section as “New” for highlighting the curated content. Some of the others changes may include the replacement of the My Music by Library. Currently on iOS, the tab of My Music consists of separate arranged sections for Library and Playlists. There is another very interesting feature being added to the Apple music which shall allow the artist directly share the photos and the lyrics with their followers. This feature will be known as Apple Music connect feature.

In short Apple Music feature on the Apple TV carries away some of the mind blowing features like the navigation bar sections with some of the options like For You, New, Radio, My Music, Playlists, and Search, however after the new update the options has been customized completely. It shows: Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search. The updates for the Apple Music on Apple TV are yet to be launched. It has not been yet launched for the users. It looks much better and aligned after the update. It is not sure when the updates will be done and how sooner the upgrade will be launched for the users.

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