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Comey Fights for the Interest of People, Wants Actionable Laws

The director of FBI James Comey is willing and ready to have legal conversation with all the tech companies. He is completely upset with the idea of the device encryption. He feels that that the given attitude of the companies, they are giving free access to the terrorists. He is somewhat correct in his statement too. With the encryption of the device, it is impossible to track down  the conversation happening between the parties. In the recent case of the San Bernardino the iPhone device in the custody of FBI was locked.

Comey Fights for the Interest of People, Wants Actionable Laws

Apple completely refused to help FBI with unlocking of the device. In lieu of this, FBI had to spend a million US dollars for simply unlocking the device and getting the data from the phone. Apple could easily refuse to help because there is no strict law as such which could force tech companies to abide legal orders.

Comey says that there are more than 1000 pending cases where legal help needs to be granted however companies are not willing to help and have plainly refused to look into the matter. This is the case of the national threat where terrorists will feel safer after knowing the loop holes. Comey wants a law which could either help the law agencies to gain the direct access of the data from any phone under legal warrant or the want the technology companies to build a secret trap door which could act as a gate pass for agencies and help them directly track down the data.

He also wants that any company who bluntly refuses to help the law agencies with their operational demand should be dealt very strictly. All such actionable efforts can only be built once a parameter has been decided for the tech companies. As if now, there is no such legal action which can be taken against them.

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