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FBI Director Fighting War Over Device Encryption

The war between the FBI and Apple may have been over however FBI director James Comey is still not happy with the circumstances. He is too much worried with the behavior of the tech companies and is looking for a permanent solution to this. He is looking to fight a legal battle over this. With the end to end encryption being applied to the devices, It has become impossible to tap the conversation. It is not only for the law enforcers however even the company has lost its compatibility to record the conversation or hook them midway.

FBI Director Fighting War Over Device Encryption

This is working in favor for most of the dreaded criminals. It is a matter of the security of the people. The debate has sparked issues over the concern of the national security too. Comey wants strict laws on the tech companies to compel them to help law agencies on legal matters. With eth devices being encrypted, the motives of the criminals are getting stronger. In San Bernardino case which involved the killing of many people, Apple straight away refused to help FBI on unlocking of the device. FBI had to go to third party for getting the device unlocked and the complete drill took more than 1 million of budget spent on device unlocking.

Comey is looking  for strict legal rules which should force companies to help government agencies and failure to do so should be strictly penalized too. As if now there is no specific actionable law which will bring any justice for the people. Comey is completely correct with his theory, He has the faith support of the people. He is personally not carrying any grudge with Apple or any other company however wants these companies to help in nabbing criminals. No progress has been gained as such in the case, maybe it will take bit longer to settle down.

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