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Lazy Way to Create Video Easily

Creating videos is a definite call. Trust me it is not easy as it may look. A final video required a good intensity of camera recording from different angles followed by a lot of editing after work. It is a complete cycle of the work which requires a team of experts followed by a lot of time at the same time. It completely depends on the type of the video which is being produced. A good video will take a lot of editing work followed by lot of artistic ideas and expertise and hence a lot of time too.

Normally there are good approached to be kept in mind while creating the videos. These ideas have been suggested by retired BBC producer friend. The first approach is: Less is more, this means that a typical angle of the clip should be only kept for few seconds. Adding length to the clips will take away the interest of the people. The second approach towards creating a video is adding various camera angles to the video. This will add more variety to the work. There is an easier way to edit the captured movie too. Here are the steps which can be followed for making the work easy:

Import the movie or the clips of the movie in the iMovie. Drag all the video clips in the timeline in case if there are multiple clips. Highlight all the video and select fast‐forward with 20X effect. A rabbit icon will appear which will show the movie has been fast forwarded. Add a cross dissolve whenever and wherever required (usually during the change of the scenes from clip 1 to clip 2). Replace all the normal audio with music in the next segment of the frame for the video. Add a photo in the end you are done. The whole task will take not more than 20 minutes. It is very lazy of creating a good presentable video with minimal efforts.

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