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Suppliers Tensed with Apple’s Stagnant Business

Apple slowdown of the sale is not only affecting the investors however the supplier of the Apple are being bothered by the slow progress of the company. The company is already under a lot of performance pressure from everywhere. Apple will have to regain their position in the market. Apple has faced a lot of losses from each corner of the business, the shares of the Apple went down, they lost their consumers, they have failed in the stock market with record low share price and the projected sales of the Apple could also not be met by them.

Suppliers Tensed with Apple’s Stagnant Business

All the suppliers of the Apple are bothered about their returning business from Apple and the analysts do not find such forecasts for the company. Analysts says that Tim is trying to provide a rosier picture to the supplier as well as the investors however the case is not justified as well as true for the company. They are completely away from the truth. Tim will have to show some improvement in the condition of the business. Japan’s OLED making company has declared heavy losses last year followed by Sony. If no improvements are shown in the business of the Apple then they may be certainly losing their contracts with their most important suppliers.

Apple is certainly one of the most profitable ventures however recently they have not been able to cope up with the situation. Apple has completely been exhausted in their marketing. The recent incident of the iPhone 6 followed by their wrong decision of launch of iPhone SE and then the smart wear iWatch was also a disaster for them. At another node China is closing on their services and Apple is also losing the interest of the people in their music services due to on demand services available in market.

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