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How to Use Android Wear for Apple iWatch?

Apple iPhone and Android Watch can they be combined together? Apple has recently completed a year of their year of production. The second version of the iWatch is expected to be launched next year. Apple’s iWatch is priced at $300 however at the same time Android watch is priced at $150. Sooner all Android devices would be able to be used with the iPhones.

How to Use Android Wear for Apple iWatch?

Vey recently some of the companies like Fossil, Huwaei and Asus have tied up with Apple to launch the next upgrade of their Android watches enabling people to use an Android watch with an iOS platform Apple iPhone.

The user will have to make sure that the device is up to date. The user can check that going to settings and then about followed by system settings. Once the update is checked it can be easily compatible with Apple devices like Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6Plus and iPhone SE however unfortunately none of the iPad device is compatible with any Android smart watch. Sorry about that. All the devices which will be running the Android watch shall be upgraded with iOS update 8.2. Pairing of the device in Apple is very simple and straightforward. Simply connect both of the devices via Bluetooth connection and the connection shall be enabled via a pin passcode for both the devices. Once done, the device will be connected easily next time whenever the Bluetooth will be switched on.

Both the Android phone as well as the iPhone won’t be able to be attached with the single watch device. It will have to be reset to be connected to a different platform each time. Due to the restrictions none of the Android app will also be allowed to be installed on the watch from iOS. In a nutshell the phone paired with Android watch can only be used for reading the notifications and accessing the phone through the watch.

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