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Court Helps Law Enforcers with Warrants for Apple Touch Id

In most of the criminal cases the law authorities have been able to compel the criminal convicts for unlocking the touch of the phone. It is a complete legal practice to unlock the touch id of the phone using the fingerprint. On the report of the Bloomberg, if a lawsuit is filled over the suspect then court will have to come down to rescue the law enforcement agency.

Court Helps Law Enforcers with Warrants for Apple Touch Id

In a court case filed in Los Angeles a woman was ordered to unlock her iPhone in an investigation going against her. The bureau obtained a warrant proper court warrant for forcing the suspect to provide her print. The senior deputy district attorney, Rahul Gupta in Orange County spoke with Bloomberg says it is only the matter of time.

After the San Bernardino case the situation has got a more complex for the law authorities. Unfortunately or fortunately all the devices below Apple 6 does not have any Apple touch id. FBI had to spend a million dollar to unlock the phone which was recovered from the serial killer in San Bernardino case. They urged Apple to help them with unlocking of the device however they could not get any reasonable help form the company and hence had to contract few grey hat hackers for helping them with the case. It was a secret project for FBI where the people hired for the project were kept secret.

A court case was also appealed in court against Apple for straining them to help FBI with such cases however later it was withdrawn back nothing favorable could be drawn for FBI. After Apple’s upgrade on the touch Id of the devices, the situation is much lighter for the law enforcers. Apple is a consumer centric company which shall be sharing any kind of the data related to the consumer therefore law enforcers will have to find ways between the lines to crack on the cases.

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