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Should Touch ID Be Disabled for Personal Security Reasons?

Touch Id on Apple 6 series is raising a lot of concern for Apple company as well as Apple consumers. There had been multiple inferences where the court ordered people to unlock the phone immediately with their fingerprint. There had been cases in 2013, 2014 where people were ordered to unlock the iPhone immediately with the consent of the court.

Should Touch ID Be Disabled for Personal Security Reasons?

There had been few cases too where even the plea was rejected by the law enforcers, One of the recent case was in San Bernardino where FBI requested multiple times to Apple for unlocking the handheld device however the company did not take any further action on it and finally rejected their plea. It is a very uncertain situation where some headway needs to be given by the company to the government. It appeals to be a law in the system which may lead to security concerns later.

The department of the jury has proposed to the Apple that they should create a back door for them where unlimited attempts can be run by the law agencies to obtain the correct pass code if at all they do not want to help them directly.

The special power of the government in such cases will be used for serious threats and crimes. If you are planning to travel to a destination where human rights are towards a lower end of the scale then you may be forced to unlock your device. There are several other ways too to unlock the device and they are:

· If the phone has not been touched for 48 hours then Apple touch id will be disabled automatically unless the password is not entered once.

· If the device is force restarted, the passcode would be asked once

· Touch Id is also disabled after 5 unsuccessful attempts of pass code

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