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Facebook Wins Trademark Case In China

The well‐known social networking platform Facebook may have been banned in China however multiple attempts are being made to make from the success of the company. In one of the odd cases a company tried to register their brand under the name Facebook in 2011. The company was about selling canned vegetables, potato chips, drinks and fruits or anything edible and similar. They wanted to keep this name for their brand after the huge worldwide success of original social networking platform Facebook.

Facebook Wins Trademark Case In China

The name was failed to be given to the company and the decision to give the name or not give the name was later upheld on the basis of failure to provide any evidence that the company claiming the name was involved anywhere in production of the food or drink. They simply registered the name with the intention of blatantly copying and trading the success of the world famous brand Facebook.

Few years ago in a similar event Apple seemed to have lost a similar case upon the company claiming the trademark case in China for the brand name I PHONE. The court ruled that I PHONE came in China much before Apple’s iPhone. They have beenket has lot of potential involved in production of phones from longer period of time therefore the company will continue to produce and work as they are working as if now.

China is a moving market for most of the big banner tech giants. The market has lots of potential left however at the same time it is also true that Chinese people do not entertain any foreign brand, they are growing rapidly and are trying to exercise their own level of everything.

Be it social media, phones, technology anything. China is trying to intimidate each and everything it can without losing down anywhere.

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