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Apple Adds Regional Transit to Maps

There are a lot of things where Apple needs improvement and their maps are one of them. Apple’s map is a definite grey area for all the owners of the Apple device. Apple has largely faced a lot of complains from the users about their map and probably this is why Apple users still rely on Google maps. Apple is implementing big time changes in their maps too and adding a lot of common features purely identical to other maps which may make it worth usage. In the latest update launched by Apple they have added the transit integrations for Sacramento Region.

Apple Adds Regional Transit to Maps

It will largely cover all the details about the buses and all the information about the railways in the city from point A to point B. Apple’s team is closely working on the project and last month itself they have added much information about some of the major cities like: Portland, Oregon, Montreal, Canada and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Apple is planning to connect the world via its maps serving all the viable information required for anyone using maps.

Apple is actively chasing all the major destinations first and is trying to implement all the major changes to be rolled in together for them. Apple will sooner move to the tier 2 cities and states for implementing the similar level of upgrade and so on. Apple is laying special emphasis on Brazil because of summer Olympics. Apple is trying to upgrade all the possible information they may be able to upgrade for the people who may be coming in to the nation for watching the events and may use maps to serve the location or local information around the city and state. Apple has also connected the nearby destinations will all the information about the buses, railways, taxis etc. too for the people.

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