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Apple Music Gets The Biggest Revamp Since Its Release

It has been almost a year since the reputed Apple Music online music streaming service was released. According to the various sources involved with Apple Music, the service will finally see the biggest revamp in this year. According to these sources, the changes will be done end to end, giving the reputed streaming service a completely new look. The various changes which will appear in the new revamped Apple Music is scheduled to be shown at the Worldwide Developers Conference supposed to be held in the mid of June. This is not a very sudden and surprising development, since the company has been looking at this project since the end of last year.

Apple Music Gets The Biggest Revamp Since Its Release

As per the reports, the newest version of the Apple Music service already has a total of 13 million users till date. The main areas which the company is looking to change are the user interface, add on some new special features and also upgrade the features which are already present in Apple Music. Presently, the basic user interface of Apple Music is quite colourful and vibrant. The new version of Apple Music will ditch the colourful concept and give it a simple black and white design, which is not only elegant but also quite desirable.

Along with the new interface, the company has introduced the ability to use the 3D Touch system apple employees in many of its recent apps and services. Now, users will be able to apply different forms of touch on the same icon to get varied responses from the Apple Music service. The one previous feature of Apple Music which will remain mostly unchanged is the Connect feature. According to sources, the company is putting more emphasis on the album artwork, ensuring that the black and white background does not appear dull to the user.

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