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Design Change In Spotify App, Hamburger Button Out While Navigation Bar Comes In

A meaningful and small change in the design is being made by Spotify on iOS today. The hamburger button is being removed and is replaced with a navigation bar which can be seen in the screens bottom end. This change should match the rest of the iOS and also what is more important is that the various features should be put in front of the users.

Design Change In Spotify App, Hamburger Button Out While Navigation Bar Comes In

The hamburger button is the 3 lines that are generally seen in the screen’s top corners wherein a slide out menu is revealed. This is something that has been more on the Android front however now even on that front it is slowly going away. Developers were instructed by Google in march that instead of the hamburger buttons the navigation bars had to be used as this made it easier in the navigation between the various sections that was there in the app. Due to this, it would not be a surprise if very soon all the apps take on this design in the future.

The core areas of the Spotify app is said to be moved with the update. Earlier on the side menu everything could be accessed however now on the bottom of the screen there are individual buttons can be seen. This would include going to the home page, opening your own library, accessing the different radio stations, searching and browsing music and various other actions.

The design may not be that attractive when there is a row of buttons that can be seen on the screen’s bottom, however with this, Spotify will become easier. In Sweden, Austria, Germany, UK and US the changes are already being rolled out. Eventually even the other countries will also see the change as well as in the next few months, even other platforms will be able to see this change.

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