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Newly Designed Apple Watch Bands Are Rumored To Hit Markets Recently

Some time back, rumors rose of Apple designing new bands for their Apple Watches. As per reports, the company had already some of the designs ready for release in the latter half of this year. Though Apple had not made kind of official comments regarding the new watch bands, reliable sources have revealed to Haute Ecriture some details of the new watch bands and also revealed some images of the images of these bands. The brand who has been approached and is currently leading this project is none other than the top rate designing band called the Coach.

Newly Designed Apple Watch Bands Are Rumored To Hit Markets Recently

The sales associate of the leading brand Coach, David Boglin De Bautista had actually stated that the newly designed exclusive bands for the Apple iWatches will be available to the general public from the starting range of $150 USD, from the month of June this year. According to the reports put forward by the sales associate, the company will be releasing a series of nine iWatch bands as a whole, all having the same price of $ 150 USD. The usual colors of black, brown red and white will be present among others.

Moreover, he had also shared some of the early images of the bands which will be later released. The basic variations these bands will have are in its designer stitches and charms. According to the stitching codes on the watch bands, the impended release dates is known to be June or July. On the other hand, many feel that these designer bands will not be available to the public any time before the release of the new range of Apple iWatches, the Apple Watch 2. The information that is still not available is the size of the bands.

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