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Apple Music API Promoted By Apple In It’s iOS9.3

A new API for Apple Music has been introduced by Apple hen the iOS 9.3 was launched. With the help of the Affiliate Program Newsletter of Apple, it is being promoted. The API for Apple Music provides all the necessary resources that developers need in order to expand the functionality of Apple Music in their apps with the help of features like

Apple Music API Promoted By Apple In Its iOS9.3

∙ The membership status of the user can be seen by the developer.

∙ The user account’s country of origin can also be seen by the developers.

∙ For Playback purposes, the songs can be queued by the developers based on the Song ID or even the next song that is in the line.

∙ New Playlists can be created as well as the present playlists that are already there in My Playlist can be inspected by the developers along with the description and title.

There are various app that are related to misc which is already been built with the Apple Music API. Shazam is one such app which has the API in it and with the help of the API; it lets Shazam and other such apps for music to perform different things like adding songs to the playlist of Apple directly within the app of Shazam.

MacStories had noted that a webpage has also been launched by apple which is purely for Apple Music Best Practises. This is a webpage that is for the developers of the Apps and the Review Guidelines for Apple Store has also been expanded for Apple Music. As per the guidelines of Apple, there are the following restrictions with those apps that use the API of Apple Music.

∙ Apple with reject any App that uses the API of Apple Music which is triggering the playback would the user action explicated

∙ The standard medical controls such as “skip”, “pause” and “play” have to be respected and must also be exposed by the Apps that use the Apple Music API

∙ The Apple Music API compatible apps may not monetize or may not require payments in order to access the service of Apple Music such as requesting user info, advertising, inn0app purchases etc.

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