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Rumors Says Apple to Be Ditching Wired Headphones for iPhone 7 Pro

The rumors are confirming that Apple is reportedly dropping the 3.5mm jacks in their new model of iPhone 7. No official news has been confirmed by Apple yet however if speculations are believed then Apple will be replacing their wired headphone jacks with Bluetooth headsets.

Rumors Says Apple to Be Ditching Wired Headphones for iPhone 7 Pro

Japanese magazine Mac Fan has shared Apple’s plan about their upcoming model iPhone 7. They are saying that the specifications of their phone will be almost same as iPhone 6. No such higher end update has been to the new launch, It will be almost same as their decedents apart from the Bluetooth headphones upgrade. Apple’s iPhone will be hopefully carting the same thickness dimension as iPhone 6s plus. It will be around 7,3mm thick as compared to 7.1mm thickness of 6s plus model.

The phone will also be carrying a secondary iSight camera. The details and the functionality of the dual set up camera is not been released yet. No such upgrade has been released about the camera quality or the lens being used for iPhone 7. According to the hints rumored in the market, Apple will be hopefully using telephoto lenses for their phone camera. It shall allow the users to switch between two different focal lengths. It is a SLR functionality which is said to be given to the users in the phone for the first time. iPhone 7 will also be carrying a dock charger within the box. Apple is working upon providing smart connector to the users for improving the battery life of the iPhone. There is nothing much to be offered to the users.

Overall the camera quality and wireless headphone could be a unique selling proposition for the company.Apple users are desperately waiting for the iPhone to be released. Marketers are still clueless about the expected unit’s sales of the phone. Looking at the upgrade no such major changes has been done.

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