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New Standalone Camera App Along With Live Streaming Facility Being Developed by Facebook

As per the reports that were released by The Wall Street Journal, it is believed that a new camera app is being developed by Facebook encouraging its members to share videos and photos. This separate app is still under the development stages and in the present form, it opens to the camera mode immediately. There are also plans that this service will offer the functionality of live streaming video.

New Standalone Camera App Along With Live Streaming Facility Being Developed by Facebook

The report states that the app which is being developed is a prototype and the London Friend sharing team opens the camera which is on the same grounds as the Snapchat’s photo app. The people who commented also stated that a another feature that is being planned is one which allows the user to record a video using the app and can also start the live streaming facility. The people are already well aware with the matter that there is also an intention to spur the creation of the camera app that is under consideration. The user can go ahead and share the content not only on facebook however on other properties of the company which includes Instagram.

In its F8 developer conference that was held last month, the upcoming projects and product updates was unveiled by Facebook. In the presentation, the company had also kept a portion which was dedicated to let the people know about the new Live Platform service of Facebook as well as the expansion plans for the rapid growth of the live video component. There company plans to work on the promotion of the feature via its various properties so that more users can gain access to it. The service may also tie into the various features that are offered by the live streaming as well as the camera app that is supposed to be a standalone one.

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