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LeEco’s CEO Calls The Product Design Of Apple Obsolete

LeEco, Chinese Conglomerate’s 43 year old CEO in an international TV interview stated that the product design of Apple is obsolete and outdated. This comment followed after the company had last week unveiled Beijing’s 1st self driving supercar. Formerly LeEco was known as LeTV which was also named as the China’s Netflix, the chairman and CEO of LeEco, Jia Yueting had initially started working as a tech support and later on formed his own mobile and IT company.

LeEcos CEO Calls The Product Design Of Apple Obsolete

The company’s product range is not just limited to smartphone’s, however it also includes mountain bikes, TV’s and now electric vehicles. This company is also the strategic partner for Faraday Future which is an electric vehicle company that is US based. Last week’s Beijing event had unveiled LeSEE which is the company’s smart supercar. The steering wheel of the self driving car can be folded away and for the passenger’s entertainment there are screens that are available. The aim of company is to outdo the Model 5 of Tesla. The aim of the company’s brings the owners in the ecosystem by being the suppliers for in car music, TC shows and movies.

During the exclusive summit of business leaders meeting called China Entrepreneur Club meeting, Jia explained the various reasons as to why Apple was not a worry for him from the Chinese market competition. He went on to say that the difference between Apple and them is very large. Being a mobile phone company, Apple’s focus is mostly in the software and hardware. On the other hand LeEco which is also known as LeShi’s prime focus is first internet, after that comes the software and then it is the hardware. He also went on to say that now since the mobile internet has moved to the next era, just having individual apps is not enough.

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