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New Rule for Apple Iwatches Could Help Them End

Apple took a giant move towards strengthening their watches for the consumers. Apple watches have been constantly nagged about the slow and sloppy performance of their wearable tech devices. Apple Iwatch version was a complete disaster and so was the Apple Iwatch 2. Finally the third upgrade of their device could be seen a better resource. According to sources, Apple has placed a new requirement on Apple official website stating that in near future all the new apps for Iwatch will be running on the original OS development kit. This means that now the developers will have to create separately entitles Apps for the watches which shall not be for their iPhones or their iPad devices.

New Rule for Apple Iwatches Could Help Them End

With the new rules which have been set for the wearable technology, we assume that all the old apps should be running as the way they are. The rule should be only applied to the fresh app developers and forthcoming apps. Apple first made watch as based on OS 2.0 which was nearly launched 6 months back. The full set of features is available with all the developers which include accelerometer, heart rate sensor, microphone/speaker, vibration, Digital Crown, etc. The idea behind the new rule isn’t clear yet that what exactly Apple is looking at. Are they wondering about helping the third party developers and encouraging them or they want to make the software more powerful in general. Apple is also planning for stand‐alone app store for their watches making people easily download the apps for the device. The company hopes to make the devices faster with this approach. Some of the third party developers have actually started working on developing the stand alone apps for the Apple watch. They are aiming to keep it simple and light weighted for the device.

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