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Hackers Are Bigger Security Threat for Apple, Not The Government

Apple being one of the most favorable companies in the space of the technology is always under the eyes of the hackers. Each month millions of trials are done by the hacker themselves to crack the iPhone and probably this is one of the reasons why iPhone has been made so secure. This is one of the reasons why Apple chose to encrypt their devices. They are completely aware about the vulnerabilities from the hacker’s point of view. They have been always concerned about the security of their consumers and their private and the confidential information.

Hackers Are Bigger Security Threat for Apple, Not The Government

After the recent San Bernardino attack government has been intervening a lot in the matters of the Apple. They are said to be demanding the rights for on demand access behind cracking the iPhone. They want a secret door by which they may be easily able to access anyone’s iPhone which has been held under government compliance. Senior officials at Apple say government is not the threat for them the hackers is. They have been working on protecting their devices form the eagle eyes of the hackers. Apple has introduced the two factor authentication for their Apple devices. Apple is possibly taking every stance to stop the hackers access the locked iPhone device.

Apple is all set to revamp their security certificates and make it stronger across all their devices. Apple is very particular about their consumers and do not intend to let them be misused by anyone in this world. The case between Apple and FBI is still in court and yet to be finally heard and decided what should be done. FBI has been demanding the access to their devices in form of a secret vault which can be accessed by them. Apple seems to be neglecting it completely and has denied their request.

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