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Google’s Masterstroke: Apple Never Thought About This Reason

Alphabet was launched and it broke the company into tiny parts. Talented individuals handled a small segment and this way Google ensured all‐round development. Google wanted to standardize encryption much ago and every time they failed. Android phones never adopted that, so quietly they pushed the matter aside. ‘Play Store’ feeds on information and app recommendations are massively useful. Browsing data, email data and phone’s personal data entered the servers and users never had a clue. No major incident highlighted it, and Google was extremely lucky in this case. Apple opened a secret box and Google can’t escape now. They have basically two options, they can either become pro‐government or they can revise their policies.

Google’s Masterstroke: Apple Never Thought About This Reason

Sundar Pichai always had a tough job, when he sat in that chair. Google has nothing left to achieve. They discover newer ways to communicate and in the next ten years, the company will change lifestyles around the world. Pichai acted like a diplomatic genius and backed Apple on encryption. The tech universe wanted more; they needed more words and most importantly an idea. The truth is, Google is helpless and they have nothing else to do. Microsoft can implement major tweaks in their Windows store but if Google does that, they will lose subscribers. They have to beat Facebook and in this battle, they can’t afford to make mistakes.

Fragmented ecosystems like Android are much more open and there are no separate versions. Hacking issues will never be raised here, as information is always available. FBI doesn’t need Google’s help to crack Android, its open already. Consequently, they will never accuse Google of anything and their happy relationship will continue. By default, people will go for Android and no further debates will happen. Google pleased everyone and they escaped the battlefield without any scars. Apple never even thought about this masterstroke and now it is too late.

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