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Request Rejected By Apple Pertaining To iPhone Hack Of Drug Dealer In NY

It seems that the Government again got a NO by Apple when on Friday a legal filing was done. The point of argument is again to the fact of hacking into the iPhone that was used by a drug dealer. The law officials wanted to extract the data that was there inside the iPhone of the methamphetamine trafficker due to the fact that all their efforts to break in have been exhausted.

Request Rejected By Apple Pertaining To iPhone Hack Of Drug Dealer In NY

As per the lawyers that represent the company, they stated that the All Writes Act has been misinterpreted by the Dept. of Justice. A brief response was filed by the company pertaining to the appeal that was made by the government during the ruling that took place in March. Judge James Orenstein, the Brooklyn Magistrate had rejected the application that was submitted by the federal prosecutors.

The 45 page filing that was submitted by the company stated that there was nothing shown pertaining to the fact that the alternative means that the government is using for the extraction of the data has been exhausted. The filing that was filed recently by the company is slowly turning into a legal struggle between cyber providers and tech firms on one side and the federal investigators on the other. The law enforcement vs. personal privacy is now been watched very closely and is escalating. The drug case of New York in a way could set a precedent for the law enforcement officials that are pursuing other cases.

In a another Californian case that was high profile, the company had fought it out in court against the federal prosecutors and in the eye of the public, they also fought against the iPhone that Syed Farook, the terrorist shooter of San Bernardino had used. The point of argument the company had put across was pertaining to the fact that the pressure should not be put on the company by FBI investigators in overwriting the phones’ software that was installed for the pass


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