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Company Optimistic About Accessing The iPhone 6 Just Like The San Bernardino Shooters iPhone

The FBI had managed to gain access to the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter thanks to the Israeli mobile forensics company called Cellebrite. There has been word that the company seems to be really optimistic about the fact that they would be able to gain access to an iPhone 6 that is locked.

Company Optimistic About Accessing The iPhone 6 Just Like The San Bernardino Shooters  iPhone

As per CNN recent reports, Leonardo Fabbretti an Italian architect last week had met the company to see if they could help him out. He wanted to gain access to the iPhone of his dead son. His son who had died from bone cancer was 13 years of age. Just before Dama Fabbretti, the son of Leonardo Fabbretti had already given him the access to his phone with the thumbprint of his father. However after restarting the phone, it is required that the person has to have the pass code.

Since Mr. Leonardo Fabbretti did not know the code, he had in fact even spoke to Apple to help him gain the iPhone access however the company said that it was not possible, that is when he decided to approach Cellebrite. As per what he told CNN that the company has managed to make some progress.

It was told by Fabbretti that the company has already managed to download the iPhone’s directories however in order to gain access, there is a lot of work that has to be done. The files that he wants to gain access to was about the conversations and photos that was taken out which included the a few videos that had been taken out just prior to his sons’ death. No comments have been made by Cellebrite or Apple in regards to this case. Last week it was advised by the FBI that the method which was used in accessing the San Bernardino iPhone may not really work on the 5S or later versions of the iPhone.

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