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Divided Support Against Anti Encryption Bill By Officials

In the ugly spat between the Apple and the FBI, They filed a case against the tech giant. The problem started after the mass murder case in USA where FBI probed Apple for helping them unlocking the recovered device of the murderer. Apple called it against their policies and refused to unlock and help them directly however said FBI may apply third party resources for unlocking the Apple iPhone device. A little over a million dollar was spent by them on recovering the data from the device and getting the phone unlocked. FBI also clarified that the trick behind unlocking the phone may not be feasible for higher devices of the Apple.

Divided Support Against Anti Encryption Bill By Officials

After this incident a case was filed against the tech giant in the court of law for imposing them for decrypting the locked devices. A bill was also presented for passing a law in favor of their petition. They want strict rules against tech companies for helping agencies in unlocking the device else it may be treated as a criminal offence. Earlier president Obama gave clear instructions in favor with his support for the bill however later he completely disagreed. White house says that the senate should not push companies for going against their policies. Officials seem to be deeply divided under the idea of the bill. Few officers find it an important aspect to crack down the plot of the terrorists. It should be imposed however later half says, no such bill should be made where a company is threatened to follow the instructions.

The debate rose over the method of working. Like Apple can never ask FBI over their hack on cracking the iPhone similarly FBI can also never force Apple to help them crack or decrypt their possessed Apple device. This act is completely unjustified and should not be undertaken at all

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