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Carrier Network Controlling Major Chunk Of iPhone Sales

There has been an increment in the trend of iPhones in USA. The Stagnant growth in sales of Apple earlier has moved and been geared to a good pace. All due credit goes to Apple for growth hacking their business and making some great level of product changes in the recent years. If Apple iPhones is compared with the earlier model there has been a great variety of changes evolved in Apple in all these years. They have matured a lot as vision towards their devices and probably this is one of the reasons why Apple has been able to keep people on their toes. They have been able to serve delight to their own people and so is why they have been also able to multiply their sale figure however a small issue seems to persistent with the company.

Carrier Network Controlling Major Chunk Of iPhone Sales

Apple has not been able to understand what better plan could they be offering to increase direct revenue from the market, Most of the carriers in the market are offering plans like Free internet plan, Small monthly payment plans, Easy to pay EMI benefits or free additional minutes benefits with the purchase of the Apple devices form them and so is why they are able to draw more sales from the market. More than three fourth of the market is directly controlled by the carrier networks now. Embarrassingly they are able to deliver more sales to the phone manufacturers than them.

It may be good for Apple that their sales and revenue is increasing however at the same time it is a matter of concern that the revenue is not coming directly from their own channels. It is someone else who is controlling the whole flow. Apple is trying to bring better plans for bringing up their direct sales from own stores.

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