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FBI Confirms Their Hack Method For iPhone Not Feasible With Higher Versions

The recent attack in USA was one of the biggest planned mass attacks after the last attack of 9/11. The attacker was found to be using iPhone for planning his attack and mass killing in USA. The phone was recovered by FBI and over a million US dollars were shelled by them to gain an unwanted access of the phone. The highest enforcement agency in USA could not easily crack the phone. James Comedy, the director of FBI spoke to CNN and told that the method used by them to crack iPhone will not be effective for the higher models.

FBI Confirms Their Hack Method For iPhone Not Feasible With Higher Versions

All the models above Apple iPhone 5 cannot be simply hacked by using the trick which was used by them to crack the shooters iPhones. The auto erase function available in iPhone can be easily by passed copying the data into flash memory however iPhones with A7 chipset has login attempts register.

A bill has been requested by the legislative community for tech companies to help law enforcement agencies to help government crackdown on the data encryption. President Obama was said to be supporting the bill however later he had withdrawn his support. He said that no law can compel tech giants to let government interfere in the private data of their consumers. Most of the law makers are not happy with this statement of the president. The inefficiency of the FBI to crack an iPhone device clearly states that iPhone devices have no loop hole. It confirms their inefficiency at the same time. Apple has certainly refused to help law enforcement agencies for their order to gain an access of their consumer’s data. The matter is still to be heard in the law of the court.

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