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Serious Issue! No iPhone For Obama, But Why?

Everyone is aware of FBI’s war with Apple, but the reasons are extremely serious. The problems began way before and what we are seeing now is only the consequences. From Siri’s creation to the fingerprint sensor, security issues were suppressed a few times. The wounds were left open only recently and unnecessary media attention made it an even bigger controversy. Obama uses BlackBerry and using the iPhone is strictly prohibited. His confidential data is not secure there and the government can’t take such a big risk. His iPad is not used for official activities and no problems were faced due to that.

Serious Issue! No iPhone For Obama, But Why?

Obama was really concerned about the ongoing issues about encryption and he made his point very clear. Security battles can’t go on forever and people’s privacy is not something that can be played with. By rolling out special updated to present systems, privacy must be ensured. On one hand, he can’t go against FBI; on the other he can’t confront Apple directly. This giant is responsible for America’s financial conditions and Obama acted smartly. Both security as well privacy is important and neither of them can be compromised. Making absolutist views are disastrous and it’s dangerous too. Policy updates may be against Apple, but the warning was given beforehand.

Obama understands Apple’s viewpoints and he still stands by FBI. True privacy cares for the user and in no circumstances exploits them. Information banking was never this important and only recently, these matters have surfaced. Obama optimistically talked about creating improved systems, with strong encryption. Secure keys work as magic, but Apple again turned down the idea of a backdoor. Limited accessibility was never in their agenda; Apple’s policies are clear, no secret practices, no strange activities. Meanwhile, iPhones are used in large numbers by senators and congressmen, a surprising thing to say the least.

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