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Some Of The Best Features With The Latest Update Of iOS 9.3

There are a lot of hidden features which may be really small however holds a lot of importance. The recent update of the IOS 9.3 may be software that is big however the small features on a collective note creates a big impact. Some of the features that are included are The Night shift feature ‐ This is the biggest feature that is newly launched., in this mode, the screen is warmed up with the benefit of a light that is not so bright which will make you stay up in the night. This can be turned on automatically after sunset by going to the Display and Brightness tab under the settings. It also allows you to adjust the light warmness to your preference.

Some Of The Best Features With The Latest Update Of iOS 9.3

Notes can be protected ‐ The other feature of the update includes the password protection of the Notes that you make. You can also use the Touch ID feature when you are unlocking a particular note that you want to access. Saving still images ‐ The user now has the ability to go ahead and save various still images that can be got from the live photos that they take. You will also get an option if you want to duplicate the photo or not.

New storage and security features for iCloud ‐ Now a user does not have to worry about their iCloud account getting hacked with the help of the new authentication factor which a verification that has two steps to it.

Get all the latest updates and news‐ Apple’s app for News is now a lot better, the company has come up with a tab that is called For you where in the user will get all the latest updates or Top / Breaking stories. Also included is a special section where the news editors of the company share their own selected picks for their users.

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