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Most Stable New Release In Years‐ iOS 9.3 Of Apple iPhone

iOS9.3 by Apple is gaining popularity very faster. As per the reports published by Apple Insider, it was found that Apple’s iOS have got enough criticisms for its problems, but this iOS 9.3 is having a much lower crash rate than other iPhone operating systems. This was reported by an analytical firm.

Most Stable New Release In Years‐ iOS 9.3 Of Apple iPhone

As per the reports of Apteligent of California, shows that over the last eight days, the new operating system, iOS 9.3, has got only 2.2 percent of crash rate. With a lower crash rate than most of the active operating system of iPhone, this has become the most stable iOS release. The latest version of Android, Lollipop, has got a crash rate of approximately 2.6 percent, whereas this new release of the iPhone operating system has been the android latest version as it has got only 2.2 percent of crash rate.

iOS 9.3 has beaten it’s all other brother operating systems, iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 9.2 during the month of march as it has got crash rates of 3.2 percent which is higher from that of iOS 9.3. The users who had adopted the earlier versions of Apple iPhones were facing problems, but those who have ingeniously chosen the latest operating system, have faced least problems.

There are some iOS users who have reported following media coverage issues. Those problems include the crashing of web links in many iOS applications like Mail, Safari and Messages and it says that it is working on the problem and it will not persist after a software update.

There was a bug in iOS 9.3. It was that, that the old devices had a problem with Activation Lock but this was mending up by Apple who released a new version of this operating system to fix this issue. Apple has been creating various news for long.

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