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Going Strong: Tesla’s New Car Is Completely Futuristic

Innovation can transform an entire industry and Tesla really proved that. Musk fell in love with electric vehicles long ago and it was his dream to create something extraordinary. In the last few years, Tesla went miles ahead of everyone and their industry know‐how is the big secret behind it. The role of luck is indispensable but Musk’s vision and a gifted workforce made the dream a reality. By being exceptional in something, excellence can be achieved and Tesla’s technology deserves special mention. By copying other companies, impactful products can’t be created. From Daimler to Toyota, Tesla’s shadow is everywhere.

Going Strong: Tesla’s New Car Is Completely Futuristic

In any industry, timing is key. There is a perfect time to launch a particular product and failure to take care of that can have disastrous results. Helps from the government powered Tesla, but they convinced them with their ideas. This enormous help is not available today but at that time, the opportunity was there. They showed up and seized the moment, it is paying dividends now. The next keyword is Monopoly, they knew the competition in their market sector and fully capitalized on that. By targeting a bigger market, they didn’t waste their time, their focus is on submarkets.

Technological advancements are not valid for older products. By changing the way people perceive things, Tesla goes forward. They have no normal team, special people with a special mindset chasing special dreams. The CEO’s presence is hugely positive and he hates mediocre results. By doing average things, the growth curve never gets the boost and the firm remains stagnant. By continuously doing extraordinary things, it develops into a habit and that is an asset. His team knows the standards and they do fascinating work. Model 3 is pure brilliance and at $35,000, it’s not extravagant. It looks sporty but is durable. People are becoming interested, which is a good sign.

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