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Why PangGu Has Not Yet Released A Jailbreak For The New iOS Version 9.3

The new iOS Version 9.3 is one of the main releases from Apple early this year. Moreover, with the new release came the opportunity to create jailbreak tools for the new device. The previous operating system iOS 9.0 through to iOS 9.0.2 got its jailbreak tool from a skilled team of ethical hackers called PangGu.

Why PangGu Has Not Yet Released A Jailbreak For The New iOS Version 9.3

Although the jailbreak tool offered the users a lot of special passes for various functions and features for the iOS system, the users had to stay on only the jail broken system to enjoy its features. This meant that the users could not upgrade their iOS with any new updates Apple released for the given system. Moreover, they also cannot enjoy the fixes as well as features Apple introduced with the new updates for the iOS. The latest release of the jail breaking tool, although largely superficial, was for the iOS version 9.1. Since then, Apple has actually stopped the signing of the iOS 9.1 version since it was a surety that people will not actually be waiting for 9.1 updates. This was more unlikely since announcements were made for the release of iOS version 9.2 or version 9.2.1.

Even after the release of the iOS version 9.2, the team of hackers has not committed to any jailbreak tools for the version. This might be due to the fact that the team was waiting for Apple’s latest release, iOS 9.3. This is supposedly the biggest iOS release Apple will have this year, though rumors have spread about Apple introducing the iOS 10 version sometime late this year. In the past, people have waited much longer for jailbreaking tools. So, a few days more will not literally harm any user of Apple devices.

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