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Apple iWatch Bands Get Some New Members And Lower Priced Products

In the recent event Apple had on 21st March, the company introduced some new Apple products in the form of bands for their iWatches. Along with reducing the price of the Apple iWatch, the company provided the users of iWatches some very trendy new age wristbands for the iWatch. The latest bands released by the company are nylon bands which are woven differently. The basic construction of these bands include a four layer structure, making it not only a beautiful product, but also quite strong and sturdy.

Apple iWatch Bands Get Some New Members And Lower Priced Products

The new form of nylon woven bands also come in a series of seven colors, including some very new elegant color shades like royal blue, pearl, red or gold and black. Moreover, to increase the sale of these new Apple iWatch bands, the company organized a special sale where the bands for the iWatch were available to the buyers for just $49 USD.

In addition to the newly introduced n=bands, Apple made some changes and additions to the previously available bands too. The old leather bands of the Apple iWatch also had some new colored products introduced in the series. The newest color of the Apple leather band is orange, which actually looks very classy and trendy. The series of sports band for the Apple iWatch also had a new member introduced a sports band in the color yellow.

For many days now, the company had spread rumors about the new trend, classy and stylish space black colored Milanese loop band. Along with the release of all the new above mentioned products, the company announced that the proposed Milanese loop in the space black shade will now be available to the iWatch users at an escalated price of $199, which is basically $450 higher than the price of regular loop bands.

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