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The Way Of Remapping The Windows Keyboard To Support The Layout Of The Keyboard Of Mac

Many people are facing problem for the last few days while using the Windows keyboard on their Macs. However, most of them wanted to continue with the windows keyboard as the Mac keyboard caused wrist pain to many users. The main culprit behind this was the shallow travel key of the Mac keyboard.

Here is a solution to this problem. Those people who have a wired, AmazonBasic keyboard will find relief soon. If there is a Macintosh build, you will be able to use the keyboard with your MacBook. The problem of the wrist can be cured this way, but what about the problem regarding the switches? They will no doubt create a new problem as the keyboard is designed only for Windows and not for Mac. The issue isn’t the capacity of the keys, in light of the fact that as we talked about, from an unadulterated usefulness viewpoint, the modifier keys (Command, Option and Control) all guide 1:1. The issue originates from their game plan on the console.

Such an easily overlooked detail, the swapping of the Command+Option keys, can bring about inconvenience for somebody who’s been writing on a Mac for a considerable length of time. Luckily, there is a dead‐basic fix for this issue.

What you need to do is Open the System Preference option. Go to keyboard and select the Modifier keys option. The next step is select the option reading third party keyboard for Windows from drop down box associated with select keyboard option. To get the option key settings you need to select command and in the command key setting you have to select Option. The final step is to press OK and end the System Preferences page. There are plenty of keyboards designed for Windows. All you need to do is master the art of remapping it in order to use on Mac platforms.

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