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Google Apps Even After 6 Months Are Still Not iOS 9 Supportive

On Tuesday, the updated version of the Google Sheets and Docs for their iPhone version was released. Prior to the release, the app was not supported properly considering that the resolution guideline that was set by Apple was not matched. Due to that, when the app was being used on iPad Pro it looked a bit blurry, it was similar to how an app that was compatible with the iPhone 5 would look if it was installed in an iPhone6.

Google Apps Even After 6 Months Are Still Not iOS 9 Supportive

As per Mac Stories, it was pointed out that due to the problem was the fact that the multitasking feature of the split view was not supported. The iOS 9 was had introduced this feature, on June the officially announcement was made whereas in September it was released. The apps that are used for productivity is the best to be noticed in this front. With the help of this feature, it becomes easy to drag and drop the data from one window to another. There are a few app of Google that supports this feature.

Back in October, the support for multitasking for iPad was picked by Google Chrome. This clearly means that the feature benefits are something that the company has already recognized. It is also believed the Google was also taking advantage of the features of iOS 9 so that their browser can be made a lot more stable and faster.

Even though other products like the Inbox, Gmail, Sheets, Docs, YouTube, Drive are updated regularly and is maintained actively however there are still some features that are not supported by the big companies and Microsoft. It is also getting very frustrating for users to use the various Google services and Google apps on their iPad devices especially if they want to use it as a computing device primarily.

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