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New Jailbreak Version Released For iOS Users

Pangu is one of the most reputed ethical hacking team who create various jail breaking tools for iOS users. This jailbreak tool actually helps the iOS user to bypass the restricted processes in iOS apps. This week saw a sudden release of the newest jailbreak tool by Pangu. This new version will allow the users of the Apple devices running on the new iOS 9.1 to bypass the restricted section of apps in this OS. This special tool is not only available to Mac users, but also Windows users who want to jailbreak their iPod Touch, iPhones and iPads. This is not all; the Pangu team has also promised the users of Apple devices the impending release of a new jailbreak tool which will allow them to apply it on the recently released Apple TV, fourth generation this coming week.

New Jailbreak Version Released For iOS Users

The only downside of this surprising news is that most users will not be able to take the advantage of the release of this new version of jailbreak tool by Pangu. The basic reason behind this is that Apple had stopped signing of the iOS 9.1 version just last December. Thus, it can be said that people who are currently not using the iOS 9.1 will not be able to upgrade their iOS or downgrade their iOS in order to use the jailbreak feature.

It can be rightfully said that some of the users who have not used any of the jailbreak features of the previous versions have already upgraded their device from the iOS 9.1 version. On the other hand, users who have indeed worked with previous jailbreak versions are still at a lower iOS than the 9.1 version. Thus, it can be concluded that the chances of one currently using the iOS 9.1 version, and in turn using the new jailbreak, is quite limited.

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